Allotments? Beech Hill Allotments

Allotments – for your own piece of tranquility in the most idyllic surroundings in the Dublin mountains.

An Allotment is a place to go
...not just grow!

Relax, unwind & watch your garden grow – only 10 minutes off the M50

Be part of a community!

Dublin Allotments is a perfect place to unwind, meet new people and get away from it all.

Beech Hill Allotments
Fertile & Friendly

Beech Hill Allotments is a friendly community who enjoy the most fertile ground to grow, share & care.

Allotments That Are Unmatched!

Beech Hill Allotments provides the ultimate place to go, and grow, in Dublin. We are situated on the Dublin / Wicklow border with stunning views of the sugar loaf, rolling hills and tranquil grasslands. Fertile lands, great people and fantastic prices – so what else do you need? Therefore join Beech Hill Allotments!!!!

Dublin Allotment Bird Protection

Grow It Your Way

If it’s your allotment and you can choose exactly what you grow your fruit, flowers or vegetables in. From seed to fully grown – therefore you can build your piece of paradise how you choose.

Dublin Allotment Patch

Fertile Soil for Perfect Growth

Many Dublin & Wicklow Allotments lack the one true requirement for a perfect Allotment – fertile ground. But Beech Hill Allotments has everything needed to build your piece of paradise.

Dublin Allotment Cabbage

Relax & Unwind

Beech Hill Allotments is not just a perfect place to grow – it’s a perfect place to go! In fact, Beech Hill Allotments provides a unique environment to unwind from the stress of life and be part of a relaxed, happy community. So, if you want to relax and have a break from your stressful life, all you need is Beech Hill Allotment !!!!

Flowers are not beautiful, they are relaxing and make you feel good. Beech Hill Allotments has perfect conditions to grow your favourite flowers…

Beech Hill Allotments

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Vegatables & Fruits that you grow yourself can be fully organic, cheap, make you feel good and nothing will taste better than, that you grow yourself…

Beech Hill Allotments

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If you want to really know that the chickens that lay your eggs are healthy, happy and live the best lives possible – care for them yourself. Our Dublin Allotments provide the best chicken coups and more. 

Beech Hill Allotments

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Honey tastes sweeter when you manage the process from start to finish. Beech Hill Allotments provides the perfect environment for honey bees…

Beech Hill Allotments

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BeechHill Allotments For All You Need

Dublin Allotments for all you need. If you want a perfect retreat with great soil, no water restrictions, views of the sea and mountains with tranquil settings and a welcoming community - you need an Allotment at BeechHill Allotments. 

BeechHill Allotments - a place to go... & grow!

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