Allotments for Bee Keeping?
...Think BeechHill Allotments!

Situated on the Dublin/Wicklow Border
just 10 mins from the M50
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BeeKeeping is Fun & Rewarding at

Beech Hill Allotments!

BeeKeeping for Beginners

BeeKeeping can be a great activity and has sweet rewards! If you are considering bee keeping for the first time, it is vital that you find the right place to set up your bee keeping hive. In fact, Beech Hill Allotments provides the perfect environment for hives and so the bees will have everything a bee could dream of.

Close to meadows and an abundance of fresh air and wild flowers – you can be sure that your bees will have everything they need to produce sweet honey just for you.Moreover, you will also be close to people with a wealth of experience bee keeping and your bees will be safe, in a perfect setting – what more could you need?

BeeKeeping for the more advanced

If you are experienced at beekeeping and you need a perfect setting to start a new hive (or hives) – look no further! Because Beechill Allotments provides the perfect setting for beekeeping and has the perfect environment for your bees. From flowers to acres of land to fly to – their needs will be more than just met!

Beech Hill Allotments location is perfect for beekeeping and is perfect for you. In effect, It is situated 10 minutes from the M50 but and the location for the hives is a good distance away from the road or people. In addition,Beech Hill Allotments is also close to one of Dublin best known supplier of Beekeeping stock – Bee Supplies


BeechHill Allotments For All You Need

Dublin Allotments for all you need. If you want a perfect retreat with great soil, no water restrictions, views of the sea and mountains with tranquil settings and a welcoming community - you need an Allotment at BeechHill Allotments. 

BeechHill Allotments - a place to go... & grow!

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