Allotments for vegetable growing?
...Think BeechHill Allotments!

Situated on the Dublin/Wicklow Border
just 10 mins from the M50
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Perfect allotments for

vegetable growing are to be found at

Beech Hill Allotments

Allotments for vegetable growing are great for all ages


People living in Ireland choose allotments for vegetable growing for many reasons – and do so at all ages. So, Beechhill Allotments caters for all ages by providing fertile soil, no water restrictions and plots to suit all. Growing vegetables at an allotment is good for all as it allows you to get close to nature when this is not possible (or less fun) at home. Moreover, growing your own vegetables is extremely rewarding and best of all – you get to eat what you grow! Beechill Allotments provides the perfect allotments for vegetable growing.

Vegetables are good for you and taste better when grown organically

It has been long known that organically grown vegetables are better for you than vegetables that are grown with the use of harmful chemicals. Therefore, people choose allotments for vegetable growing to be sure that their produce is better for them, their children, grandchildren, friends or whoever they care for. But The beauty of  having allotments for vegetable growing is that you are completely in control. The beauty of Beech Hill Allotments is to be seen everywhere there!


BeechHill Allotments For All You Need

Dublin Allotments for all you need. If you want a perfect retreat with great soil, no water restrictions, views of the sea and mountains with tranquil settings and a welcoming community - you need an Allotment at BeechHill Allotments. 

BeechHill Allotments - a place to go... & grow!

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