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Allotment Growing in June


This guide will help you decide what the best options for growing are available in the month of June on your Dublin Allotment or garden. June is one of the best sowing Months and there are thousands of options open to you. Below is the our choice but the choice is always yours – explore and enjoy!


What flowers to sow in June (just a couple of choices below as there really are thousands to choose from):

If you are looking for the perfect colour to sow, try the following flowers:

Yellow Flowers for your allotment:

Achillea (Or Moonwalker) grows very tall and has rich green foliage, a fern-like and wonderful yellow blooms.
Achillea filipendulina (or Cloth of Gold) is easy to grow, tolerates neglect and is very versatile. A great reward for little input – perfect!
Aquilegia chrysantha (or Golden Queen) is a really beautiful type of Aquilegias. It has mild-green foliage and long beautiful golden-yellow flowers. This beauty even blooms early…perfect!
Asphodeline lutea is an easy to grow perennial that is good for adding vertical interest to your allotment garden. It has leafy stems that have dense,cylindrical spikes of gorgeous yellow, star-shaped flowers.
Blue flowers for your allotment::
Aubrietia is a very versatile plant. They are well known for use in rockeries, but the cushion forming habit also makes it useful as a ground cover; it can be planted in beds and is perfect for underplanting shrubs. they can also be used between paving and walls, or create a wonderful foil for spring bulbs.
Aubrieta ‘Royal Violet’ is an excellent choice, they flower so prolifically, that the blossoms almost completely cover the foliage below. Hardy to -23°C (-10°F), the foliage of Aubrieta is evergreen and provides year-round cover. RHS AGM.
Dragonfly is a dwarf Mckana type, with large, vibrant flowers in a multitude of colours each with long, star-shaped spurs. Growing to around 60cm tall, with handsome, finely-divided blue-green foliage that tends to remain dense right to the ground.
Anchusa italica is a wonderfully statuesque plant with vibrant, gentian blue flowers, dense foliage and lance shaped mid green leaves. ‘Dropmore’ is a 1905 selection that is still available today. They will thrive in a sunny border and make a great companion to rich plums and purple tones.
Anchusa capensis ‘Blue Angel’ is prized for its long blooming flowers. The brilliant clusters of intense cobalt blue flowers will brighten up any space. Team with other annuals and perennials for eye-popping combinations

Note: Perennial Scabiosa is a great choice as they are loved by bees and butterflies and as recent reports of bee numbers continue to decline, it will help us all!

Calendula, Nasturtiums, Candytuft, Clarkia (Godetia), Larkspur, Nigella, Sunflowers and Limnanthes can all be sown in June to give great blooms in late summer.


Vegetables to grow under cover in June:

cucumber and gherkin
runner beans
french beans
winter cabbage
Vegetables to sow directly in the soil for June:

Salad leaves (rocket and lettuce are great choices)



Turnips are a great favourite in Ireland for stews and more and keep for such a long time that they shouldn’t be overlooked this June!

Irish Favourite Herbs to sow in June
Coriander, dill and parsley directly into the ground in June – these quick growing herbs will add taste to any dish!

Whatever you choose to grow, BeechHill Allotments provides the perfect spot with rich soil and everything you would expect from a top class Dublin Allotment.



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